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Europe FIT(Upto 6 PAX)Starts 12th Nov

An Island country with high-end technology and its scenic beauty is an offbeat destination in the world. From its four seasons flower to hot springs, this country is one of the tourist's Hot Spot nowadays. Japan is more than what you think. With its devastating past to its glorious future, Japan should be One of the Not-to- miss countries in your holiday list. When it comes to adventure sports, Japan will provide you everything that will fulfil your adrenaline need. With a mixture of different seasons and cuisines, Japan is a different destination where you want to spend your holidays.

Over 500 years old, the city of Tokyo grew from the modest fishing village of Edo. The city only truly began to grow when it became the seat of the Tokugawa shogunate in 1603. While the emperor ruled in name from Kyoto, the true power was concentrated in the hands of the Tokugawa shogun in Edo. After the Meiji restoration in 1868, during which the Tokugawa family lost its influence, the emperor and the imperial family moved here from Kyoto, and the city was re-named to its current name, Tokyo. The metropolitan center of the country, Tokyo is the destination for business, education, modern culture, and government.

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