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About us

Welcome to Orchid DMC . We are a reputed destination management company spreading our wings all across the globe. With in-depth knowledge and expertise, we have successfully established our own international offices in United Kingdom, Thailand, UAE, Singapore, Bali and India. At Orchid DMC, we offer wide-ranging services including family holidays, group travel, MICE, educational tours and medical tours. We also offer hotel reservation, sightseeing trips and transportation facilities at our specific locations. We are the ultimate destination for those who wish to make a difference in the world of travel and tourism.

We, at Orchid DMC are expanding our horizon and providing our services to the eminent tour operators, travel agencies and wholesalers throughout the globe. With our excellent international tour packages, slashing deals on the world class accommodation and top rated sightseeing facilities at the locations from where we operate - we have carved a niche in the global tourism industry.

We, at Orchid DMC cater to different sizes of groups from 50 to 1,300 people and arrange group tours to Europe, UK, UAE, Bali, Singapore and India. We also have our privately owned, fully-functional fleet of vehicles at our specific locations. With our international offices and team of experts, we are providing family holidays, group tours, MICE tours, educational tours and medical tours.

Our team of expert professionals are available worldwide to assist every traveler on the journey. From arrival to departure, we at Orchid DMC, take complete responsibility of the people who are travelling with us. Starting from arranging sightseeing tours to looking after the dietary requirements of the travelers, we manage everything in order to ensure complete satisfaction of our clients.

Our work is divided into two major segments. With the help of our experienced and skilled professionals, we design and organize our travel programs. Whether it is finding the top-rated accommodation, selection of venues, arranging sightseeing trips, planning events as well as deciding the cuisine as per the preference of the travelers– we include all these facilities in our services. We also handle the logistics with our experts who create timeline and schedule for particular events. We provide transportation facilities and also take care of the arrival and departure of the guests.

Traveling with us doesn’t end with sightseeing and events, exciting activities and entertainment! We, at Orchid DMC, provide local guides who introduce the tourists to the unique culture, customs and the special cuisine of the specific destinations. By depicting the local legends and folklores, history and religion, our local guides make every trip amazing for the travel enthusiasts.

Orchid DMC is dedicated to maintain the excellent standard of services and continue to develop through the years to come.